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Seventy-Eight Fire Consulting provides high quality engineering advice in the fields of fire engineering and fluid dynamics. Working with a variety of clients on an assortment of projects ranging from small shops to towering residential blocks, seventy-eight consulting can ensure whatever your project demand we can provide a safe solution.

Our expertise lies in complex performance based fire strategies and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulation. From extending travel distances within residential buildings to determining the impact of smoke in internal atrial, we can provide solutions to the complex issues found in construction.

If you feel your project is quirky and little ‘non-prescriptive’ please get in touch or check out our services for further information on the services we can provide.



Seventy-Eight Fire Consultants is the trading name of 78 Ltd. Registered in England: 12122276.

The company was formed from an interest love of aerodynamics after significant work in aerodynamics for some of the UK's leading companies. Previous experience has been obtained in the UK's top aerospace defence companies and Formula 1®.

Seventy-Eight Consultants focus on complex fire strategies, fluid dynamic problems and thermal radiation, our staff have a broad experience in a variety of fields from Physics to Aeronautical Engineering.

78 Ltd is an affiliate organisation with The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE):

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Typical services provided to our clients are:

  • CFD design intents
  • CFD simulation and reports
  • CFD integration into existing fire strategies
  • Fire strategies based on CFD results
  • Fire strategy reviews

Please contact us for further information on the services we can provide.



Please see below for a selection of projects our engineers have been involved with:

Peach Place (Wokingham): Fire Strategy - Peach Place is a mixed used residential and commercial development comprising of new construction and existing refurbishment. Work involved the development of a global fire strategy covering the entire development.

Difficulties involved: mixed use escape routes between residential units, commercial units and existing back of house areas.    Fire Consultants: Trenton Fire

Warrington Youth Zone (WYZ): Fire Strategy - WYZ is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose leisure facility designed for children and young adults. The facility is home to an external MUGA pitch as well as indoor court facilities. Work involved the development of a fire strategy involving thermal radiation analysis (TRA) of the external façades of the building.

Difficulties involved: Proximity of the development to the site boundary (B4 - external fire spread).    Fire Consultants: Trenton Fire

Shell Store Incubation Centre (Herefordshire): CFD Simulation - Redevelopment of a first world war shell storage facility into a new incubation centre. Work involved CFD simulation to determine the ASET/RSET required to provide tenable conditions for occupants during means of escape due to the large open spaces within the development.    CFD Fire Consultants: 78 Ltd

Difficulties involved: Proximity of people egressing from a smoke layer contained within ceiling voids (B1 - means of escape).

Manchester Youth Zone East (MYZE): Fire Strategy and CFD Simulation - MYZE is a state-of-the-art multipurpose facility containing a climbing wall, various courts, a sports hall, fully equipped gym and a music room with recording studio. Work involved modelling the impact of smoke curtain deployment on the ASET/RSET calculations to provide a safe means of escape for all people within the building.

Difficulties involved: Proximity of people egressing from a walkway near a void (B1 - means of escape).    Fire Consultants: Trenton Fire



Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling: In order to assist both smoke control manufacturers and building designers to create effective smoke control systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is often employed to simulate airflow and heat transfer within buildings.

Modelling enables variety of commonly encountered situations in the building industry, a selection of these include:

  • Extended travel distances in residential corridors
  • Smoke clearance/extract systems for car parks
  • Smoke control systems in buildings with atria
  • Commercial use building ventilation

CFD simulation is provided using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) developed by NIST, it is the industry standard for fire-driven fluid flow.

Fire Engineering: At Seventy-Eight Consultants we appreciate that no two building are ever 'simple' or the same, so why should the fire engineering aspects?

We therefore offer fully fire engineered solutions based on scientific research and performance based publications (PD 7974 series) to ensure you receive the most technically accurate solutions for your problems.

Fire Strategies: From simple buildings designed to Approved Document B (ADB), through more complicated commercial and residential buildings designed to BS 9999 and BS 9991, respectively we can offer fire strategies to suit your need.

In addition to residential and commercial buildings we can also provide advice on schools (BB 100) and healthcare (HTM 05 series).



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78 Ltd. Registered in England: 12122276

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